Bring on the Better Next.

I help people bridge the gap between a not-quite-there now and a more intentional, fulfilling future.

Let’s create meaningful momentum towards success on your own terms.

You’re so close. You’re beginning to see the picture…

Who you want to be, where you want to go, what you want to do, and the change you want to make. You feel the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

But how do you take back control from the responsibilities and distractions that keep you so busy?

Are there ways to switch off life’s autopilot and set a course towards a future you choose? How do you quiet the noise and find the confident focus to get unstuck?

At times, even the best of us get discouraged and overwhelmed. But you can press on with resiliency and conviction, because you don’t have to make the jump to your better next alone.

There’s no doubt in my mind you’ve got what it takes to meet the challenges this next chapter brings.

We can make it happen together.


Hi, I'm Mike.

When my family picked up and moved half a world away with three months’ notice, I suddenly faced a much different future than I’d been expecting.  I went from working extra nights and weekends to focusing on helping our family adapt to a new place and culture.

I had a hunch that something better could be on the horizon. I realized this sudden left turn had the potential to become an impactful opportunity, but what would it take to make that happen?


You want to combine your experience, learning, and strengths into some practical wisdom as you face your next opportunity, right?

You could be:

  • Reassessing as you approach the middle… of your career, your life, or your legacy.
  • Dreaming of making the jump to a new phase of life and/or work.
  • Looking to maximize your impact and reach your potential right where you are.
  • Ramping up to
    re-engage with a career
    you get to choose.
  • Adjusting to an unexpected curveball life’s thrown your way.
  • Striving to intentionally prioritize and live out your values.

This is where I come in as a coach.

I have partnered with entrepreneurs, executives, coaches, pastors, designers, people who are facing transitions or feeling stuck, — people just like you — to focus on these three phases:

  • Now
    We get honest by naming what’s working and what isn’t for you here and now.  Together, we help you own where you currently are, what’s gotten you here, and define your dream for a better future.
  • Know
    We build on the clarity you’ve achieved
    by focusing on goals which prioritize your values. We discover and take on limiting beliefs, and false assumptions
    as they arise.

Before I started coaching sessions with Mike, I was struggling with finding a direction to follow, and the amount of things I had to do seemed overwhelming. Our coaching sessions helped me gain clarity moving forward with my projects, as I worked through difficulties that had looked much harder to accomplish.

I was surprised by the insights and revelations I had not only about my project but also about the way I think about my work and myself. Mike doesn’t make you feel judged, which translates into honest conversations and helps you see your challenges from another light. Coaching with Mike feels like you are talking to an old friend.

Gabriel A.

Design Strategist

If you undertake coaching with Mike, you will be encouraged, listened to deeply, and urged to become a better you! It was surprising how quickly we built trust and a rapport, and I have no doubt he is interested and invested in me.  It’s given me the opportunity to answer some good, deep, and thought-provoking questions.

Rob B.

Director, Missional Links Wales

When I started doing coaching with Mike, I had just started my own business as a private practice counselor.  I was scared, in shock, and overwhelmed with the task in front of me. My imposter syndrome was screaming and I was an anxious mess.  He helped me focus. Together, we defined my goals.

Mike offered me the encouragement I needed, and he gave me a safe place to work through my anxiety. He encouraged me along the way and helped me gain insight into my own strengths.  Now, I have a caseload of over 30, present mental health workshops in the community, and I have the confidence that I am capable of running my own business.

Ashlee B.

Licensed Professional Counselor

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