I had to jump before I was ready.

If you’re eager to use what you’ve learned so far to set a course for a better future, I get it.

I built a career and started a family. But along the way, I realized my life was being lived on autopilot.

For years as a pastor, I had the opportunity to live alongside and learn from people from all walks of life. Those years taught me how much it matters to so many of us to live intentional, impactful, meaningful lives.

During that time, I tried to balance work and a family. I chased my dreams. My hard work sometimes led to success, but sometimes it did not.  I had to figure out what to do after both failure and success. Life’s experiences started to provide wisdom and clarity about what I really valued moving forward and what I could start to leave behind.

But as life picked up a momentum of its own, I struggled to find the time to reflect and shift my direction accordingly. What would it cost if the lessons I learned meant change?  How could I align my life and career with any of my values that weren’t being honored?

I refocused my future.
I can help you refocus yours.

Moving to Europe nudged me way outside my comfort zone.  It's also created enough space to move through doubt and uncertainty to confidence and clarity. Change has meant not only doing things differently…now I see things differently.  I've had to embrace new perspectives on life, the world, my career, and most importantly, myself.

All along the way, I've been learning to listen below the surface, build trust and confidence, and encourage others as we figure out what key values point north on their life's compass.

Together, we can create space to own where you are now, capitalize on what you have learned from life, and build a bridge to a better next.

I've invested my experience and employed my passion to connect with and inspire others by pursuing coaching as my next step. I am constantly honing new skills as a coach to help people build meaningful momentum towards a future where success is defined on their terms.

Now it’s YOUR turn.

This is where your experiences and values can redefine your future. Are you ready to bring on your better next?


I’ve been developing the skills and learning how to coach all throughout my education and professional journey.

Initially, I learned how to teach, incorporate and appreciate stories, and invest in the growth of students.

Over the next 13+ years, I practiced and gained valuable experience in leadership, communication, deep listening, strategic planning, and community engagement with churches.

In the last year and a half, I’ve dived deep into studying coaching techniques while also spending hundreds of hours coaching others, putting what I’ve learned into practice.

Let’s Talk!

If you’re interested in knowing more about working with me, you're invited to send me a message to get things started.  I’ll contact you within 24 hours to arrange an initial free conversation or to answer any questions.

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